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The La Chingonita Taco Truck Makes It Official in Fishtown

Plus, an Australian bakery in the ‘burbs, vampire pizza, Hawaiian cheesesteaks, and a letter from our restaurant critic.

Be Well Philly

The Ultimate Guide to Where to Get a Massage in Philly

IER Mexican Trompos - 3 Pack Wooden Spin Tops Metal Tips Made in

Rookie OL Landon Dickerson to Make First NFL Start at Dallas


The Best Bars in Philadelphia

Find It PhillyWhat you need, when you need it.

Latest Stories

Boccherini Electric Instant Hot Water Shower Head Heater + FREE

Bad Luck Finds the Eagles’ O-Line Again

Eagles left tackle Jordan Mailata sprained his knee in practice on Thursday and isn’t expected to play Monday night in Dallas.

Wemaliyzd Men's 3 Pieces Jacquard Wedding Suit Classic Fit Blaze

Eagles Week Two Autopsy: A Look at the Game-Defining Plays

Failed opportunities hampered the Eagles in a 17-11 loss to San Francisco.

Philadelphia Wedding

Philly Event Planners on Navigating Proof of COVID Vaccination at Your Wedding

One major takeaway: Communication is key.

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A Rookie Ramp-Up for Milton Williams

The Eagles’ rookie DT could take on a bigger role after the season-ending injury to Brandon Graham.

Duro ID# 18410 10# SOS Bag 35# 100% Recycled Natural Kraft 500pk

Brandon Graham Stays Positive Despite Achilles’ Tear

The Eagles’ veteran defensive end has to help the team in different ways now that he’s lost for the 2021 season.

YIYA Women's Clear High Heel Slide Sandals Transparent Peep Toe

How the “Friday Night Lights” Shaped Jalen Hurts’s Perspective

The Eagles’ new QB1 laid the foundation for his sports future playing high-school football in South Texas.


Best of Philly 2021: 259 People, Places and Things We Love

Our all-new list of the city’s best food, entertainment, local heroes, and so much more.

20 Rooftop Bars, Secret Gardens and Gorgeous Patios for Outdoor Dining in Philly

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All our favorite places to dine alfresco around Philly right now, just because we want to. Not because we have to.


We’ve Really Missed Watching Sports at a Bar

Hanging out at sports bars is kind of like watching the game at the stadium, without having to buy a ticket.


Have You Missed Bars As Much As We Have?

We’re done taking our bars for granted. So we wrote some love letters to them to prove it.


Remember Disappearing Into a Crowd of Strangers at a Bar?

Being treated as though you’re invisible almost always sucks, but this is an exception.


There’s Nothing I’ve Missed More Than Enjoying Live Music in a Bar

Do you daydream about seeing people play music up close the way I do?


Finding Comfort in the Discomfort of a Dive Bar

There’s something special about overlooking a gritty environment in the name of cheap drinks, good company and real-deal bartenders.

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Inside Philly’s Stealth Hunts to Take Out Deer and Protect Our Parks

We haven’t destroyed deer’s habitat; we’ve perfected it. Left unchecked, the local deer population would wreak havoc on the city.

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50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

Whether you want to be wowed with extravagance or are looking for a perfect plate of comfort food, here are the places giving us hope for the future.


There’s Nothing Cozier Than Spending the Holidays Inside a Bar

To find kindred spirits in an empty bar on Christmas is one of life’s greatest gifts.

City Life

Leslie Odom Jr. Explains His Big Role in the New Sopranos Movie

The actor and father of two takes us through his journey from West Oak Lane to Hamilton to The Many Saints of Newark.

City Life

What’s Going to Happen to All the Crap I’ve Accumulated When I Die?

All across America, we boomers are finding ourselves stuck with heirlooms and mementos that we can’t give away.

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This Lancaster-Made Smokeless Firepit Will Heat Up Your Crisp Fall Nights

Big enough to gather friends around, small enough to fit on your patio.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 EDELRID Pure Carabiner >>