Vince Buffalo – Vince’s background is in economics and political science, and he’s been programming the moment he realized a TI-83 version of Newton-Raphson meant homework checking. He has now moved towards statistics, bioinformatics, and genomics, and currently works for the Bioinformatics Core at the UC Davis Genome Center. His favorites: Emacs, R, Python, clojure (just getting started ­čÖé ), math and statistics, cappuccinos, orchids, and being outdoors. He has a┬ápersonal website at www.vincebuffalo.com.

Hilary Mason Hilary is the lead scientist at bit.ly, where she is finding sense in vast data sets. She is a former computer science professor with a background in machine learning and data mining, has published numerous academic papers, and regularly releases code on her personal site, www.hilarymason.com. She has discovered two new species, loves to bake cookies, and asks way too many questions.


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