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Sencha Green Tea Powder Decaf


Sencha Green Tea Powder Decaf


Product Description

Sencha is the most popular green tea in Japan. Sencha is grown in full sun, and Matcha is grown in shade. Scientists found sun exposure increases Catechin antioxidants in the green tea leaf. Sencha is usually consumed as "brewed tea," but if you throw the tea leaves away, about 70% of the precious nutrition is wasted because they are not water soluble. Consuming entire Sencha leaves is the solution. Edible Green offers Sencha green tea powder ground into a fine powder form. With no chemical and artificial additives, 100% natural tea leaves do not dissolve in water; rather it suspends in water. When settlement occurs, simply sway the cup like Japanese people would do, and drink it up to the last drop. Edible Green uses authentic genuine Japanese Sencha. Edible Green regular is USDA certified organic. Caffeine content in regular is 10 mg per serving. Edible Green decaf uses a natural water method to remove caffeine. Caffeine content in decaf is less than 3 mg per serving. With a patented decaf method, 95% of the Catechin antioxidants are still intact in the decaf tea powder. This is the best way to drink green tea with health benefits and little caffeine. Sencha green tea powder has pale green color, which is because of abundant sun exposure. Matcha is brighter green because it is grown in the shade, increasing the green color pigment in the tea leaf. Edible Green is used by many medical professionals. Read our story at SEI MEE TEA store front at Amazon.

Get Green Tea Benefits, Not Caffeine

Sencha in a white cupSencha in a white cup

Common sense about decaf green tea:

"Decaffeination reduces the antioxidants, so if you drink the decaffeinated green tea you will need to drink more green tea to get the same health benefits as regular green tea."

It's true with other decaf green tea, because their decaffeination process removes water soluble antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals along with the caffeine. So, "decaffeinated green tea leaves" don't have much water soluble nutrition left--that means, if you brew decaffeinated green tea leaves, you just get colored water with little antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Edible Green Decaf sencha green tea powder is most efficient green tea, when you are sensitive to caffeine. 95% of Catechins are left in Edible Green Decaf sencha green tea powder. That means you still get 95% of Catechins from this amazing sencha green tea powder. Since Sencha offers more Catechins than Matcha does, Edible Green Decaf green tea powder offers more Catchins than Matcha does. No more compromise on green tea benefits!

Edible Green Decaf green tea powder is the only decaf green tea that delivers green tea benefits to you.

How to use SEI MEE TEA Sencha Powder graphicHow to use SEI MEE TEA Sencha Powder graphic

How is it decaffeinated?

Edible Green Decaffeinated Sencha green tea powder is naturally decaffeintaed using "Natural Water Method," which is patented. EGCG antioxidants remain in green tea leaves when they are decaffeinated using this patented natural method.

"The basic fact behind a natural decaffeination process of green tea: Caffeine is more easily and quickly eluted with hot water than EGCG, the most prominent antioxidants. Many of the beneficial effects of green tea are related to its catechins, especially, EGCG.

According to the study done by Tsushida, when raw green tea leaves and steamed green tea leaves are soaked in hot water of 176 degrees Fahrenheit, 70% of caffeine after 1 minute and 80% after 3 minutes were eluted from both type of tea leaves. However, little amount of caffeine was eluted when the water temperature was 140 degree Fahrenheit. The results show decaffeination efficiency largely depends on the water temperature.

Elution amount of EGCG is much less compared to Caffeine. When green tea leaves were steeped in hot water of 176 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes and 80% of the caffeine was removed, only 4.1% of EGCG was eluted and 95.8% of EGCG remained in tea leaves.

The results show Caffeine can be removed selectively from both raw and steamed green tea leaves."

("Translated from "Report on Decaffeination Process of Green Tea," Yuichi Yamaguchi, The National Agriculture and Research Organization, Japan.Journal of Agriculture and Chemistry Society" 59, 1985)

Are you looking for "Decaf Matcha"?

Matcha is green tea powder made with "shade grown tea leaves." The sun exposure is critical in order for the green tea leaves to generate Catchins, the most prominent antioxidants. EGCG is one of the subclasses of Catechins, and is responsible for the long list of green tea health benefits.

Less sun exposure increases Caffeine and L-theanine in tea leaves grown in shade to make Matcha, which is called Tencha (ten-cha). In order to grow Matcha, higher in Caffeine and L-theanine, tea farmers need to put shades all over the tea fields for a certain period of time.

It doesn't make sense to remove caffeine after extra effort was made to increase Caffeine in tea leaves. That's why there is no "decaffeinated Matcha" in tea industry. Yes, "Matcha" is supposed to be high in Caffeine. High Caffeine content was welcomed by Zen monks and Samurai warriors to stay alert. read more on Matcha

However, when Camellia Sinensis is grown in full sun and the tea leaves are steamed immediately after harvest to stop oxidation, the tea leaves are called Sencha. Grown in full sun, Sencha has more antioxidants, less caffeine, and less L-theanine than Matcha. Sencha Powder can be called as "Matcha with less caffeine," if "Matcha" is used as a synonym of "green tea powder."

Although Sencha Powder is already low in Caffeine, we use patented water method decaffeination process and remove almost all the caffeine from sencha leaves and make our decaf green tea powder. The Caffeine content in one serving of Edible Green Decaf Sencha green tea powder is less than 3 mg.

Enjoy it, hot or cold!

Just mix 1 packet powder with 8 oz water, hot or cold--no brewing time! Ready to enjoy instantly!

Mix 1 packet per 8 oz water and add ice--replenish antioxidants all day long.

Add powder to lemonade to make young kids friendly, healthy green tea!

Sencha Green Tea Powder Decaf

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