Outlier: Code Quarterly

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by Vince Buffalo

Outlier: Something a data hacker keeps their eye on.

Peter Seibel is a hacker extraordinaire. He is the author of the best selling introduction to Common Lisp, Practical Common Lisp, as well as Coders at Work, a collection of interviews with 15 great programmers. His new project is a “Hackademic Journal” entitled Code Quarterly.

This is something to watch for in the future. The format is excitingly different; less up-to-date buzz, more technical, in-depth pieces. One particularly exciting article type is code reads: actual “guided tours” through beautiful code. Book reviews, Q&A interviews with prominent programmers, and technical explanations of concepts are also to be featured.

Currently Peter is looking for writers and future readers. If you’re interested in writing for Code Quarterly, email him at editorQUACK@codequarterly.com (duck sound removed) and visit the writing guidelines and some topics they’re looking for. If you’re just interested in following the project, complete the form on Code Quarterly’s website.